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At the moment I'm in Rome, but every once in a while I'll be at home or back at school. You can reach me at any of the phone numbers or emails below, or if you're feeling old-fashioned, send me a letter! 

Always, my email address is sam.vickars@gmail.com, or for school-related things, svickars@uwaterloo.ca, and my Skype username is samvickars, as you may have guessed.

Now Time
24 Salisbury Avenue
Cambridge, Ontario
Canada  N1S 1H8
+1 (604) 379 4890

Last Time
Agostino Bertani, 4
Italy 00153
+44 (0)7462 735 182

Home Time
501 Fifth Street
New Westminster, British Columbia
+1 (604) 540 8370

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